Club Executives


Mahmud Hasan Siam



M A Maswood Alim

Senior Vice-President


Sheikh Mahdee Rakin

Chief Co-ordinator


Nazmun Nahar

General Secretary


Masuma Binte Yousuf




The Bangladesh University of Professionals Business and Communication Club BUP BCC established in the year of 2016 is one of the most prestigious and active clubs of BUP which was formed by merging of the BUP Business and BUP Communication Club.

These two clubs were two separate entities active from 2010 and has recently joined forces. From its very inception the fundamental vision of these two clubs were to advance and promote a comprehensive understanding of business knowledge and communication skills that students seek outside their curriculum. BUPBC and BUPCC from 2010 – 2015 worked hand in hand in parallel in bringing students from BUP as well as from across Bangladesh to give them a learning experience through their flagship competitions and events. In the year of 2016, the clubs finally at long last merged, and consequently the glorious BUPBCC came into existence with much more prominent goals, greater aspirations and even a bigger platform for students.

Bangladesh University of Professionals has dependably believed in seeking Excellence Through Knowledge. Keeping this in mind the university fraternity has adorned its campus and scholastics with state of the art facilities. Among all these facilities for the students, the clubs and associations are a major a portion of BUP life. These clubs are established to develop and advance individual intrigues, career networking opportunities, social camaraderie and political activism. Among every one of these clubs BUPBCC is a committed association body under the department of Faculty of Business Studies that supports and presents the students with the knowledge and ideals of business and communication.

BUPBCC has a very proactive executive and general member panels from their students from both the sides of the business and communication club. They work relentlessly to make everything possible that this club has individually achieved. With their efficient organizing, communications, public relations and logistic skills they make every event a success. Among the competitions and events, the most prominent flagship events are – Corporiddlers hosted by the Business Club and CreADive hosted by Communication Club both of which are held at an intra and inter university level.

Other than the competitions, these two clubs also host many workshops where the prominent corporate elites of the present time are invited to enlighten the students with their knowledge and experiences. The workshops are structured and planned to solely help the students to get a practical experience outside their textbooks. The competitions are designed for ensuring the success of efforts of the students. Whether the individual or team is charged with creating a new product, market that product, or just simply communicate to the customers, these competitions teaches the students that strong communication and analytical skills can help build relationships, ensure the sharing of new ideas and best practices, and benefit individuals through coaching and counseling. This club also enables the students to test their leadership and team work qualities as well as challenges their time management and impromptu capabilities of solving problems. With all these objectives in mind, the BUPBCC came into inception to give students the practical exposure of the business world and teach them the importance of communication skills. Now having all said that, a common question may arise that Why should you be a member of BUPBCC?

-The answer is very obvious. The benefit of joining BUPBCC will have an impact on your social life. You will meet new people who share an interest with you, and you will widen your social network beyond your course and the people you live with.

As a cherry on top, there are also real gains in terms of your career too. The skills, qualities and knowledge you will learn throughout your four years of under graduation will also bring prospect for your future job, which suggests that you will successfully adapt to life as a graduate in the workplace. Apart from all these the most important reason is that you will have the joy and spirit of learning new things from each and every one of your fellows and seniors.


Contact centre

Club representatives are available at the university premise during working hours in weekdays. Furthermore, BUPBCC is reachable via Internet 24x7.

Have a question? Call us at +880-1733-064598